Friday, October 2, 2009

Variations with "only"

This is a fun little game. I don't remember where I first read it, and couldn't find any attribution on the web, so here it is. The word "only" is placed at different points in the sentence "She told me that she loved me" to produce a different meaning each time.

Only she told me that she loved me.

No one else told me that.

She only told me that she loved me.

She didn't show it (and we try to show rather than tell, amiright?)

She told only me that she loved me.

Why did she keep it a secret from everyone else?

She told me only that she loved me.

She didn't invite me up for coffee or anything.

She told me that only she loved me.

"No one else gives a hoot. Sorry about that."

She told me that she only loved me.

She didn't adore me, she didn't look up to me, she wasn't ready to open a joint bank account yet...

She told me that she loved only me.


Anonymous said...

Interesting exercise.

Leah said...

This reminds me of a warm-up we used to do in theatre: "You know you need unique New York," in which a different word was stressed with each repetition. I always felt like I was trying out slogans at a tourism agency. ^_^

Just dropping by via absolute write!

Marian Perera said...

Hi Leah, thanks for posting! :)