Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Tale of Two Fishes

Today I've got a guest post on Maria Zannini's blog. It's about Demon, my favorite of all the aquarium fish I've ever had... and why I like another kind of fish as well. Check it out!

A Tale of Two Fishes

What else is happening? Well, I'll be guest blogging again at Writers Helping Writers in a week's time, but for now I'm almost halfway through the final read of The Farthest Shore. Final. I can never again wonder if I should have said "bow" instead of "prow".

And I've joined a Facebook group called Write It Now, to help me get the last half of The Coldest Sea done. I always work better to deadlines, so if everyone else is doing 20 pages a day, then I'll do my best to keep up if I kills me. Plus, revisions to The Highest Tide are due on June 1st.

So exciting! Tiring, but exciting. :)


Loren said...

Interesting adventures with those fish. I also notice your grammatically-parallel titles:

The Deepest Ocean
The Farthest Shore
The Highest Tide
The Coldest Sea

I'm reminded of Friedrich Schiller's famous poem The Song of the Bell (1798), which includes

Vivos voco
Mortuos plango
Fulgura frango

I call the living
I mourn the dead
I break the lightning

Marian Perera said...

Thanks! Yes, the titles will all follow that pattern. Great poem, too.