Friday, December 10, 2010

Final exams

I started to write something about finals, since I'm mired in them right now, and then had the feeling that there was a speculative fiction story somewhere called "Final Exam".

A few minutes of searching through the personal library found not the actual story, but a copy of The Issue at Hand, a collection of essays, critiques and reviews by James Blish under the pseudonym of William Atheling, Jr. The "Final Exam" in question is dissected in the essay titled "One Completely Lousy Story, With Feetnote". Atheling's take on it is both scholarly and scathing, and will scare anyone off using too many euphemisms for "said".

It's also an easier read than anticoagulant therapy, which is why I was thinking of that rather than the hematology exam on Monday.

But on a more pleasant note, there's a wonderful writeup on Before the Storm by Maldivian Book Reviewer, who enjoyed the book's heroine.

Beautiful, capable, strong and with a mind of her own, Alexis is a heroine I loved right from the very beginning.

The book got an A-. Cross your fingers that I'll do at least as well in the finals.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the finals. That is something I don't miss from College/Law School.

gypsyscarlett said...

Congratulations on the great review!

And sending you best wishes for the finals.

Marian Perera said...

Thanks, guys! Four more exams this week... can't wait for Thursday.

Mary Witzl said...

Congratulations on that review, and fingers crossed for your hematology exam.

Last year, I read a book with literally (I counted) DOZENS of synonyms for 'said'. I clenched my jaw through pouted, huffed, sniffed, minced, giggled, murmured, chirped, tittered, quibbled -- and I really could go on because the author sure did. I try to make do with shouted, whispered and murmured.

Marian Perera said...

Thanks, Mary. And that's pretty much all I use as well - otherwise, "said" or just no speech tag at all works fine.

Anonymous said...

Hope your exams went well! I'nm in the medical laboratory field as well.