Thursday, May 6, 2010

Guest blog : Fantasy meets romance

First monthiversary of my book's release! And there's another guest blog to celebrate it - this one over at Anna's Book Blog. I first discovered Anna's blog when I was researching Samhain, because she's got a very interesting interview with one of Samhain's editors, and her blog is simply fun to browse as well.

So I wrote about the combination of fantasy with romance.

Fantasy is the Little Black Dress of the genres. It goes with everything – science, romance, history, horror – and usually makes a good thing even better. I love writing in it, and combining it with other genres for the best effect.

The addition of fantasy elements to a romance has to be done carefully. They can’t be wallpaper, because readers expect good world building. And they have to be internally consistent. A land where bride abduction is common is unlikely to be one with a strongly matriarchal culture.

Want to read more? Plus, there's a giveaway - so please read and comment for a chance to win!

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