Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas roundup

Last year I took a friend to watch the second Hobbit film for Christmas. Not only was it late at night, the movie turned out to be long and boring, so my friend fell asleep and started snoring halfway through. I would gladly have joined him if I hadn't been mentally composing a review. Hey, I had to get something out of the experience.

This year, I decided to take my friend somewhere he couldn't possibly fall asleep, so I picked the One Of A Kind exhibition, which is where that photo is taken (that's me next to the tree). The two of us walked for hours, up and down the endless rows of stalls, and then I left my friend at the entrance to the place so I could go buy a few things. I came back to find him sitting with his back to the wall, fast asleep.

I have no idea what to do with him next Christmas.

It wasn't a white Christmas, but we did have a couple of days with snow, so I took this picture. I love how soft and furry everything looks after a snowfall.

Christmas dinner is always a special occasion and I always dress up. But this year there was an even more special little person around - another friend's toddler. Isn't she adorable? I told her that if she didn't behave, I would eat her, so she was an angel.

And a Happy New Year to you all!


Maria Zannini said...

I'm afraid you're going to have to start taking your friend to places where he has to keep moving. LOL!

I have the same problem with my husband. He can sleep anywhere.

You look beautiful in your pictures. I hope 2015 brings you lots of good surprises.

Marian Perera said...

I didn't think there was anywhere to sleep in a crowded exhibition hall, but somehow my friend found a corner. Very resourceful when it comes to naptime, that man.

Thanks for the compliments. :) All the best in the New Year to you and your family as well!

Randall said...

Perhaps, then, the reverse should be the solution: take him to places where it is easy to sleep and perhaps he'll naturally stay awake.

Mattress factories. The bedding department of Ikea. The office of the Spanish Inquisition (home of the dreaded comfy chair). And so on.