Sunday, May 27, 2012

The story of Katherine and the fish

After living in Iqaluit for two weeks now, I've had some... interesting, shall we say?... experiences, but before I get too deep into those, here's a story one of my co-workers told me about her attempt at ice-fishing.

So Katherine went out on to the ice to try her luck, and she stayed there for what felt like several freezing hours without a bite. Nearby, though, an Inuk woman was at a similar hole in the ice, pulling out big fish after big fish with ease.

Finally Katherine felt a tug on her line. Excited, she hauled on it, only to bring up a tiny fish the length of her finger.

The Inuk woman looked over at it. Obviously trying to be encouraging, she said, "Catch eleven more of those and you can make soup!"

At that moment a large raven swooped down, grabbed Katherine's fish and flew off.

The Inuk woman said, "Twelve."


Sarpedon said...

You are there already? Wow.

Ice fishing is big where I live, but I've never tried it. Do the locals use ice houses or do they just sit out there next to their holes. here, it seems that ice fishing is more an excuse to go and drink beer.

I hope you are having fun and avoiding the beer-drinking ghost!

Abid Ali said...

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