Monday, June 13, 2011

On vacation

Well, a busman's holiday. The draft of During the Fire is going well - I'm on the fifth chapter now - so I'm going to take a hiatus from blogging. I'll be back at the end of July, when Simulated Clinical will be over and hopefully the manuscript will be complete as well. I also have a pile of books to finish, some for reviews, so this will be a chance to dive into them.

Happy writing and blogging to all of you, and enjoy the summer!


JJadziaDax said...
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JJadziaDax said...

Let me try that again and get the link right. Anyway have fun and good luck and I read this book this weekend. It was fantastic and I think you'd like it. Cheers
Demon Possession

gypsyscarlett said...

Best wishes to you!

JJadziaDax said... for your wallet saving needs.