Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Romance for Cynics - guest blog

Here’s a confession which will come as little surprise to anyone who knows me in real life. When it comes to romance, I can be very cynical.

Much as I enjoy stories where people fall in love, I grew up reading the bodice-rippers of the seventies and eighties. Those have their place, and they certainly paved the way for romances where the action didn’t stop at the bedroom door. But I read about so many alpha males and gorgeous virgin heroines that I grew very tired of them.

Want to read more? The article is at author Lisabet Sarai's spicy blog Beyond Romance, where she's graciously hosting me today. Read the rest and be sure to check out her blog!


Anonymous said...

That's actually why I never dug into the romance genre. I'll hop over and check out the rest of the post.

Marian Perera said...

I'm a romantic at heart. I just happen to be extremely skeptical as well, so any romance which can get past that filter has to be a good one. :)