Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Resources for speculative fiction writers

1. Action Central

A great collection of links about writing action scenes. Myths about martial arts, the reality of sword-fighting and even Poul Anderson’s famous “On Thud and Blunder” essay – it’s all here.

2. Planets for Man

Co-authored by Stephen Cole and Isaac Asimov, this book is available as a free pdf and discusses the properties of planets with regard to whether or not humans can first reach and then survive on them.

3. Horror Factor

An excellent collection of online articles offering tips, advice and information on what’s been done to death already. No pun intended. I don’t write in this genre, but some of these suggestions would be useful to any writer wanting to build suspense.

Horror writers use many techniques to heighten the terror in their work. One of my favorites is the bottleneck.

Happy reading!


Also, if you haven't yet read Before the Storm but would like to, Happily Ever After Reviews is offering the e-book as a giveaway. Just become a follower and leave a comment to enter!


W.B. said...

Thank you for these excellent resources. I'll be reading through all of them to improve my writing. :)

Marian Perera said...

You're welcome, W.B., and thanks for commenting!

Loren said...

Thanx. Especially for that Dole-Asimov book. :)

Much of it holds up very well, though there's a LOT that's been learned about planets since 1964, when that book was published. Its authors quoted an upper limit of 1/7 the Earth's surface atmospheric pressure for Mars' atmosphere, but it turns out to be 1/170 of that.