Saturday, June 26, 2010

Review roundup

Almost three months since Before the Storm was released, and it's got some great reviews!

Janicu's Book Blog:

I enjoyed the way their relationship progressed. It happens slowly so you see the beginnings of respect and attraction that turn into more. It was refreshing that Alex doesn’t find Robert attractive until she gets to know him.

That's exactly what I wanted to show in the story. Not only is Robert plain to look at, he's well aware that the woman he cares for is used to men who are far more handsome and experienced.

Vivian Arend at Romance, Hot and Wild:

I really enjoyed being able to take in the land in bite-sized pieces. To be able to try and balance in my mind the twists I could see coming and the delightfully unexpected. For example, there is a trap laid near the start of the book, but you’re not sure until it springs what exactly the consequences will be.

This was a very inspiring review because I'm halfway through the sequel, During the Fire, and trying to make that even more twist-y, since it's a fantasy/murder mystery.

Finally, from The Long and the Short of it:

As a “mare”, the polite term for a woman who is used for sexual gratification, Alex has spent eleven years in servitude to Stephen Garnath.

Women can be owned and abused, but there must be a polite term for that! Dagre is wonderfully messed up in its priorities.

Then again, so is the rest of Eden.

But the character I enjoyed the most was Alex: watching her go from The Black Mare, Stephen’s most favored “servant” to a strong, independent woman who finds the first real desire she has ever felt with Robert.

She was fun to write - snarky, manipulative, utterly self-controlled but vulnerable underneath. I'm glad readers enjoyed her. And there's also a Book of the Week poll at The Long and the Short of it. Vote for this review the best review!

Now, back to writing. Which reminds me of a LiveJournal icon I have:


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Congratulations on the positive reveiews!! :)

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Thanks, Tasha!

Ahh, a self-editor after my own heart. :)