Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Five websites for writers

1. A Seminar on Writing Prose
James Alan Gardner

Comprehensive; includes advice that both beginners and experienced writers would find useful. Lots of examples, many of them to do with speculative fiction. An excellent resource of tips, tactics and observations for writers.

2. Glossary of Linguistic Terms
Eugene E. Loos, general editor

You’ll probably never need to know 90% of these terms, but if you do, there’ll always be a resource where you can look up what a cataphora, a zero morph and an intensifier are. I had no idea English was so complex.

3. World Wide Words
Michael Quinion

Informative and fun. The origins and meanings of terms and idioms, including those that are more common in other cultures. Almost required reading if you like Ye Olde English novels such as those of Agatha Christie.

4. The Ten Mistakes
Patricia Holt

These are mistakes that aren’t as evident to writers, and for good reason; we’re all used to our own styles, so we don’t notice when we repeat certain words or throw in empty adverbs. An eye-opening article.

5. Watt-Evans’s Laws of Fantasy
Lawrence Watt-Evans

Direct and practical advice for anyone writing fantasy (or considering it). I enjoyed his realistic take on the redshirts of fantasy – palace guards and ordinary soldiers – and there are many more useful tips on the rest of the website too.

Happy browsing!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Marian cheers for the linky. The Watt Evans one looks particularly good. The ten mistakes one might come in handy too.



Anonymous said...

Great list. Thanks.