Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Five ways to tell that your child...

...will grow up to be a fantasy writer.

1. When you took her for swimming lessons, she named the three parts of the pool Seafarer's Rest (the shallow end), Mermaid Cove and Shark Bay (the deep end).

2. After watching A Little Princess, she rewrote the end so Sara discovered a portal to another world in the attic, entered it and learned real magic in the other world to defend herself from Miss Minchin (i.e. the story became A Little Sorceress).

3. In her geography book, she did to maps of the world what Piers Anthony did to Florida.

4. Asked for an essay on what he did over the summer, he wrote of how his family had discovered and tamed a mammoth, which unfortunately ran away just before school began.

5. He offered to write a sequel from the mammoth's point of view.

I've actually done most of these, too.

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Anonymous said...

6. Has long conversations with aunt and uncle (also writers) to argue about the rules of magic to make sure her rules make sense.

7. Enters NaNoWriMo at 13 to write her fourth fantasy novel. And writes more fantasy novels every year since. (My niece is now 18. :D)